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Cary Weisbaum

Cary Weisbaum, Secretary of the Board for Shalom Christian Counseling, is a retired computer professional, having worked for the former Bell Telephone companies. He is spending his retirement years in study, and he has earned a Master of Arts in Religion and is now pursuing a Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics and Theology. Cary is committed to the goal of helping people in their lives by making godly, biblical Christian counseling available. 


On a personal note, Cary is a long-time friend of Dr. Nicklas and played a part in supporting her as she prepared her doctoral thesis. He was honored to be included in the following dedication:

For my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, without whom life is meaningless.
This Ministry Project is all about your glory and goodness. For my friend
and mentor Cary Weisbaum, whose patience and encouragement
helped me make it through to the end. Dr. Sringara Nicklas.

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